I am please to share my latest poem. It was selected to be published in an anthology “Essence of love” after I have entered to competition “Love is in the air”.

"Love is in the air"

“Love is in the air”



Can the rain wash away the pain?

How I could expose my heart to this sorrow,

I want to open it widely and let the rain to come in…

Please, be my balm to those sore memories.


Memories that have been hidden until now,

They are the stone that makes my soul to bleed,

I cannot turn away…

Please, wash the pain gentle as raindrops touching the trees.


I’ve said sorry many times but I haven’t knowledge my sorrow,

By ignoring it, I have made myself being lost.

It’s throbbing while the rain goes away and allows the birds to be heard…

Please, let’s breathe again, slowly, harmoniously as nature is.


Subtle in my heart still alive those memories that I have ignored,

Now I have acknowledged them but I won’t turn away,

As the rain was washing away the pain, I was lifted again…

Please, stays open and never let me be afraid of it afresh.





I am please to share my poem that entered to a National Poetry Competition in 2013 and “MAGIC LIFE” was included in the collection of poetry book call “AWAKENED MINDS” published in January 2014.